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Welcome Message
Dear Friends,
Welcome to the Wahiawa Seventh-day Adventist Church, located in Central Oahu, and surrounded by the rich agricultural lands of Wailua, Haleiwa (Dole Plantation), and the beautiful North Shore. Workers migrated to these lands and contributed to the diverse and unique multi-culture, multi-ethnic heritage of this town. The presence of Schofield Barracks (U. S. Army Base) also contributed to the cultural mix in our small town.

The membership of the Wahiawa SDA Church is comprised of approximately 10 diverse ethnic groups, intermingled with their unique cultures, with the sole purpose to worship the Living God in spirit and truth.

As a Pastor, my vision for the members is that they be well equipped to effectively contribute to the ministry and mission of our church. Our goal is to experience revival and reformation in our midst, as that which happened in the apostolic church, impacting the lives of many individuals in preparation for Christ’s Second Coming. My desire is that we become a healthy congregation of missionaries, taking very seriously the fulfillment of the mission in their specific mission fields. Some of our values and/or faith statements are as follows:
  • “Every true disciple is born into the kingdom of God as a missionary.”
  • From all the inhabitants of the earth, Christians should live their lives to the fullest, living purposeful and meaningful years as they make the commitment to serve God in everything they do.
  • Age, education, eloquence and experience are not fundamental factors to partner with God in missions.
  • Each believer has both a ministry and a mission.
  • The Wahiawa SDA Church shall be called “A house of prayer for all nations” (Mark 11:17).
  • Success in not measured by additions and baptisms but by the number of disciples and missionaries being actively involved in the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Mathew 28:19, 20).
  • Our emphasis is that Wahiawa church would be a healthy church more than a growing church.
  • The church is a body, not a business. As a living organism, it should grow naturally.
We are called to plant seeds, not to make them grow. Only God makes the church grows. (1 Corinthians 3:6; Colossians 2:19)
Our work is to recognize how God is working around us and join Him. (John 5:17)
I’m thrilled to introduce our church which provides: (a) God’s purpose to live for (mission), (b) God’s people to live with (fellowship), (c) God’s principles to live by (maturity), (d) God’s profession to live out (ministry), and (e) God’s power to live on (magnify).
Wahiawa SDA Church is a “Mission Center” where our disciples are reaching out to their communities and to the world with the Three Angels’ messages (Revelations 14). A hospital where people find shelter, healing, and restoration from the hurts of life and, finally, the House of the Living God where His name is to be worshipped and His mercies are proclaimed.
I look forward to meeting you and worshipping with you soon! 
Because of Him,

Elie A. Graterol
Senior Pastor
Wahiawa SDA Church